vlog 7

here you go children.
another crappy vlog from yours truly.


Michael Thomas said...

i am not anonymous. i am your father. come to the dark side luke. just kidding. i love you and i hope you keep writing and blogging and vlogging. i like your voice. you have something to say. keep saying it.

Alyssa said...

hey! so i just watched all your vlogs. and laughed at every single one. youre flriggin hilarious. please, do tell more about how you think human affection is gross and how we shouldnt do it, and how you formed that opinion. i think that it would be quiiite amusing to hear. :)

ruthie.von said...

Haha I love you Mardi.
My friend Katie, Sara and I were just talking about munchkin cats the other day. I had never even heard of them. But they're like the wiener dog of cats. it's so crazy.

An introduction vlog! Huzzah!
I love Malcolm.

What are your top five favorite things? It can be just anything, but it has to be your favorite, even if it's just for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Talk more about your amazing friend hannah.