1. True Viking
2. finish a "Big Kahuna" snow cone
3. Chalk all of the BK Lounge
4. Sleep outside
5. Get a job
6. Go midnight bowling
7. Fine a hot man who loves me
8. Go skinny dipping
9. Carve a watermelon
10. Sleep on the high school football field.
11. Cook eggs on the sidewalk
12. Get a 2nd piercing
13. Go to Lagoon
14. Have an 80's movie marathon
15. Go to the rodeo
16. Have a lemonade stand
17. Make a music video
18. Make a documentary
19. Go tanning
20. Read War and Peace
21. Make a time capsule
22. Go to a concert
23. Toilet paper all of my enemies
24. Build a huge sandcastle
25. Swing on a swing for a solid hour
26. Write a song
27. Marry a hot man
28. Watch the sunset at the BK Lounge
29. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
30. Have a Harry Potter marathon
31. Leave a note in a library book
32. Go to a museum
33. Build a fort
34. Dance in the rain like a fool
35. Go stargazing
36. Go race cars at Trafalga
37. Go to City Creek
38. Paint a picture
39. Write a missionary
40. Meet someone famous
41. Go swimming in pond by blue cylos 
42. Have a pen pal
43. Eat a whole pizza by myself
44. Go to the Ellen Degeneres Show
45. Make homemade ice cream
46. Injure myself on a slip-n-slide
47. Eat an entire box of Otter Pops
48. Go mini golfing
49. Go skydiving
50. Fly a kite 
51. Meet Rob & Big
52. Go to a pro baseball game
53. Travel to every single continent
54. Burn homework in a campfire
55. Make food from scratch
56. Write a letter to someone famous
57. Burn ants with a magnifying glass
58. Keep a consistent journal
59. Have an Americas Next Top Model marathon
60. Kiss someone in the rain (cheesy...I know)
61. Go without food for 3 days
62. Milk a cow
63. Carve something out of soap
64. Go to the zoo
65. Make a quilt
66. Go to an Opera
67. Put a message in a bottle and leave in Utah Lake
68. Go to Sparks
69. Go to the Fellowship Bible Church
70. Write Mr. G a letter
71. Become a vegetarian
72. Be 'okay' with myself
73. Meditate
74. Eat sushi at Happy Sumo
75. Stay up for 24 hours
76. Dye hair with kool-aid
77. Get a rockin' body
78. Listen to every Celine Dion song
79. Go yard selling all day on a Saturday
80. Buy 99 red balloons and let them go
81. Have a Disney movie marathon
82. Go a day without shoes
83. Visit all 50 states
84. Backpack through Europe
85. Find myself
86. Sleep at the 3 story park
87. Get someone famous' autograph
88. Go to Disneyland
89. Go to Six Flags
90. Read over 100 books
91. Get in trouble with the law
92. Not shower for a month
93. Become a YouTube sensation
94. Memorize The Living Christ
95. Grow up
96. Be happy
97. Be okay with my past
98. Spend everyday with my best friends
99. Write a book
100. Finish this bucket list.