everyone is headed off for missions.
i really am so excited for each and every single one of my friends.
but i am also so insanely sad.
once they are all gone i will have NO ONE. that's a lie, but it feels true.
each one of these people has been such a huge influence in my life and knowing that i won't see them for a while is going to be hard.

Alexis was called to serve in Houston Texas East Mission and is out now. she is currently serving in Lake Charles Louisiana. She will be home July 2014. i miss her every single day and constantly pray for her and worry about her. she is an amazing missionary and is doing great things.

Maxwell was called to serve in Milan Italy and leaves July 24th. this will seriously be such a hard day. i LOVE Max. we've gone through some crazy times and i will miss him so much. we talk seriously like everyday and when i come up from school we always find some sort of trouble to get into. he will be a phenomenal missionary. watch out Italy.

Kacey received her call tonight! she has been called to serve in the Philippines Baguio Mission and she leaves May 8th. Kacey and i have been through thick and thin. through our gothic and punk stages, she has always been my best friend. i can't imagine life without her right now, but she is doing the right thing and The Philippines is lucky to have her. she is already such an amazing person, her mission will just make her even better.

i am seriously so blessed to have best friends that are making such awesome decisions to go on missions. i don't know right now if a mission is right for me, but while i am waiting to know, it's good to know that i have such great examples out there. each one of my friends has blessed me so much in life. it's hard to see them go, but at the same time it's a good thing. i love to see them grow and learn. i will miss them all every single second, but i know that they are doing the Lord's work, so that makes it all so much easier. 

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