vlog 8

i forgot to vlog yesterday.
oh well.


Anonymous said...

Question: If you were on death row and you got to pick what your last meal was, what would it be? Also, why would you be on death row?

ruthie.von said...

Your blind face just about killed me haha
Plus, also I love that your cat's name is Ghetto.
i'll say it again, I LOVE MALCOLM.

Who are three people you admire that you've met, and what do you like about them?
Who are three people you admire who you've never met and what do you like about them?

Anonymous said...

In your opinion which restaurant has the best corn dogs?

Anonymous said...

What would your dream cat look like? :) By the way, Mardi, you are just awesome! Not boring at all :)

Lexi Liljenquist said...

Do you get corndogs from the carnival when it's Strawberry days in PG? PLEASE TELL ME YES. They are the best.

Batash said...

You make my day ten times better when I watch these. So thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to ask why you don't live with your parents?

Anonymous said...

What is the coolest thing you have ever done?
Have you ever dressed up your cat?
First crush?
Advice for high schoolers?