eh, me.

i don't quite feel like i have really talked about happy things on here lately. and that needs to change.
let me being by introducing myself more. because i don't really talk about who i am, i just talk about how much i hate my life.
but, there is more to me than that.

hi. i'm Mardi Nicole Thomas
i'm from the greatest city around, Pleasant Grove.
i'm obviously a large and in charge kind of girl. i like it. got beef with me? tell me.
i have a cat that is my best friend.
yes, it's the same cat. pictured twice. isn't she beautiful? her name is Ghetto and we are best friends.

i have the most amazing family ever.
this picture literally is DAAAAAAYS old. i am like 13 in this. but our family is so much bigger and they just keep popping out kids so we never have a updated photo.
long story short, my family is loud, obnoxious, weird and i love them.

my grandparents are the most important people in my life, besides Ghetto. yeah, she is a person.
they've raised me since i was 5 months old. they are the cutest old people ever.

i love my parents too. don't get me wrong. i just don't think i have a picture with both of them.
hey mom and dad, lets make that happen.

my hobbies include:
eating some more. duh.
facebook stalking
and more sleeping.

 these are my very best friends in this whole entire world. i don't know what i would do without them.

i believe that a good nap and a good book can help solve anything. it can't really, but here is to hoping.
i am creeped out by midgets and nubs.
i miss high school. so stupid, but true.
i used to have this weird melt. and it look borderline crazy. but i sorta miss it
i prefer cloudy to sunshine.
i love texting. hit me up.
my favorite drink is DP with vanilla.
favorite food is corndogs. or a costa vida chicken salad.
my favorite color is invisible.
i actually do like water a lot.
my snapchats are so ugly.
i am a very jealous person.
i tweet when i am upset. that's why i lose so many followers. IT'S AWESOME.
college was a mistake. i need to come home.
i don't want to get married but if the right person comes along...why not. YOLO.
when you get me going, i could laugh for hours.
song of the moment: Cough Syrup by Young The Giant
movie of the moment: Pitch Perfect
quote of the moment: "i'm awesome"-Mardi Thomas
i want to be a journalist. or a cat lady. either one works.
i love giving blood. i got the most bad A bruise yesterday from one.
i'm not crafty. or hipster. or anything trendy. i'm just me. and that's okay.
i have a lot of self confidence. people don't think i do, but i really do.
i sleep too much.
i have the biggest crush on a little boy. he is the cutest thing i've ever seen.
the lights in my apartment just flickered. i'm going to die.
i have nothing else to say.

that's pretty much me.
i am here to stay. so, don't even try to get rid of me.
i love my life even though i complain a lot. 
that's alright. 
peace out, thanks for reading.

p.s. everyone- this is my best friend of all time. KACI HAMILTON. without her i am nothing. she is my ultimate master and i don't want her to ever think that i would forget her


Kelsey said...

i love giving blood too.
its so weird, but i love it.

Elizabeth Hackley said...

Mardi! I love you and your blog. You make me laugh and I love reading everything you write (: You are super talented! Keep it up!