sorry for the sad posts lately.
i just haven't found time to write about the good stuff. because the good stuff deserves to have a great and well thought out post.
i am sad today on this Sunday night. well, technically Monday morning.
all i want is to be home.
here is Ephraim, no one likes me.
i've burned all my bridges and people have just decided i am not good enough.
makes me sad.
i've been trying so hard too. and i just don't know what to do.
i miss my family and my cat and my bed and my friends and my ward and my car and real food and just HOME.
i have cried a lot today and will probably cry more as i go to sleep.
i feel like nothing is falling into place like it should and i just wish i knew why things sucked.
i will just keep to myself from now on. it's obvious that when i put myself out there, nothing good happens to me and i end up getting hurt.
and i don't like that. DUH. who does?
so goodnight blogging world.
i hate my life. and i just want things to go back to normal.

1 comment:

miss mandi said...

listen i thought i wanted to come home.
& home sucks too.

keep it up homegirl.
you're tought.