i don't have much to say today.
i moved back down to Ephraim today, and i honestly just had to sit and my room and cry for a little bit.
i don't want to be here at all.
if you were to tell me 6 months ago that i would miss my family and PG life down at college, i would have laughed right in your face and without a pause would say "NO."
but things change. i've changed.
i value my relationship with my grandparents a lot more now.
and i've come to love the life i had back at home. and i didn't want to leave it this time.
this is dramatic but, i feel so heartbroken. i just don't want to be here.

so, i will try to get my friendships back and to love life.
but for now, i will go cry as i unpack.

p.s if any of you are in PG and want a cat to play with, go play with mine. she would love it.

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Mandy said...

:( This is exactly how I felt in my apartment. It's the worst. You'll get through it!