twenty twelve.

2012 was a pretty good year for me i would say. yeah, it was also one of the hardest too. but i learned from it and it ended up being awesome.
1. i graduated. which is a total miracle because i honestly thought that i would never. so, that was awesome.
2. i left for college, which was incredibly scary and made me want to throw up. but it was good. i'm totally ready to be back now though. screw college.
3. i kissed 5 guys this year. that's not really a huge accomplishment, but i guess it was fun.
4. i lost some friends and gained some too.
5. my cat and i became even better BEST FRIENDS.
6. my best friends decided to go on missions and i am incredibly proud of them.
7. i took far too many pictures this year and loved it.
8. i made a personal change in my life for the better and decided to turn things around.
9. i watched all seasons of 30 Rock, Desperate Housewives and The Office.
10. i've just had an all around good year. i got to know my family and friends better. i love that.

so, peace out twenty twelve. this next year is going to be wonderful.
at least i hope so. everyone makes their resolutions and better plans for themselves and it is sort of a joke that no one really sticks to it. but here is to hoping that things will be good and that life will be even better.

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