i realize that i have been quite negative lately. life has just been stressful and i didn't really know how else to express it other than spill out all of my word vomit on here.
i am quite sorry about that.
but, it is time for me to take a look back and be grateful for the positive that i do have in my life.
for instance;
i have amazing friends.
 kaylee and karlee ockey. these girls, to simply state it, are a hoot and a half. they always know how to have a party. they made friends with me in college when i felt so alone and out of place. they seriously are the best. and i do love them, even if they are sassy to me.

this is KZ. aka my bro. she is always there for me. through thick and thin. come hell and high water, she is always there. she and i can have the best conversations ever. she is my constant. i owe her everything. she is beautiful and i owe her so much. she is my ultimate best friend.

this is my main boy maxwell. we have been through it all. he is the person that can always make me laugh no matter what. he is classy and amazing. he honestly is my best friend. he and i have such talents for singing and for just being wild and carefree. and i know that he will always be there for me. being the best example of what is right and good.

this is my gurl fran robby rob. i don't give her enough credit for how amazing she is. she can take a bad situation and turn it into a party. her awkward ways and red hair make her unique and i love that so much about her. i love being her gurl and her being mine.

this is my best friend that i have had for the longest time. kacey, you are beyond extraordinary. you have such talent for everything you do. you are beautiful and can make me laugh like no one else can. we have the weirdest conversations, and if anyone else were to hear us, they would think we are crazy. i love you and miss you everyday.

this here is my friend turner. ladies, come and get it. he is such an amazing guy. our talks are the best thing ever. we completely get each other and even though our friendship has just been short, i feel like i have known him forever. turner, you are amazing and great. i love you.

and last, but not least, miss alexis. i don't think i've ever had such a greater example of what is right and good and lovely. she is leaving on a mission this January, and even though i am incredibly sad, i know that what she is doing is wonderful. we have the best times and i will miss them for all 18 months she is gone.

i have the best friends in the whole entire world. i don't know what i would do without them in my life.
each one is here for me in some way or another. i would be lost without them.
i have a great life.
great friends.
a wonderful family.
and i am happy with where i am.
and even though stuff happens that makes me become bitter and sad, i know that if i just stop for a second to count my many blessings, some of which are people, then i can make it though anything.

here is to those out there who feel lost and fed up with life. don't give up your hope now.
take a look around and realize what you do have and who is there for you.
i promise, it is a real wake up call. 

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