escape route.

there comes a point in life where blogging the words you feel won't do you any good.
blogging is sort of an escape route.
you don't have to say the words out loud and people tend to be much more courageous in a room all by themselves and a computer at their side.
it is a way to say what you need to say. and that is great.
but sometimes, that is the only way people can say what they need to.
time to take in some courage.
and dare to say out loud what you would really say if you were sitting at a computer blogging.

i love reading other peoples blogs.
but i am always disappointed when the person writing is a different person in real life.
just, make sure your words are really you.
because some of you have such beautiful things to say.


Linds said...

this is really cool.. and I like it a lot.

ruthie.von said...

Exactly. We have the ability to portray ourselves to be different people. I've never intended to do such a thing, but it always makes me nervous to meet people who read my blog, I feel like I can only portray so much of my personality via the internet. I don't think people realize how awkward and antisocial I am...
I feel like I might get people's hope up about who I am, and then sorely disappoint them.
It's pretty much farts all around sometimes, isn't it?