I'm sick of watching cars on the road
and scouting the horizon for the sea
i'm sick of hearing i'm not meant for you
and that your not good for me
i'm tired of knowing your not going to call
and i'm a fool for thinking that you will
i've always been the first of us to fall
if i'm in love, your standing still
so why don't you please,
keep your promise?
and take me out to where your not
i can't keep you
let's be honest
drive me sleepless
get me lost
and i get further the lights begin to fade
but i still breathe you in the salty air
no matter if i go or if i stay
your at my side
your everywhere
and your right here with me at the waters edge
so close and i stop thinking how i can
i leave you standing at the sandy ledge
your soul still sighing in your skin
so waves be lovers
love come closer
and take my hands dear
and feel my skin
if we can't stay here
and keep each other
don't feel sorry
we were faded to our thinking
so when you look at night across the bay
the sails are sighing with the evening breeze
the stars forever promising to stay
but don't hold your breath, don't think of me
when will you be here for me
when will you stay?

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