God works in mysterious ways. 
i am seriously so grateful this week. i honestly am.
i've been searching for an answer and it came to me and now i feel 10000% better about things.
i am learning to distance myself and to be involved only when needed. 
i never learned this in high school, so of course, i was annoying.
aren't we all?
but now i am learning what it takes to be a true friend.
that may mean refining parts of me that i don't like and loving the things that i do like.
even though some things are different and i am still sad about that, i feel good.
i feel like a dead weight was lifted off my shoulders.
and i can breathe.

everything happens for a reason.
this is my motto. screw YOLO. even though it is funny.
EHFAR. everything happens for a reason.
i honestly do believe that.
and sometimes we don't know why they happen, but they do.
but the answer always comes later.
and when it does, you feel so grateful.

so here is to a good weekend. good times. good friends. and a good life.