oh my life is stressful right now.
planning Spirit Week, which is THIS week p.s., trying to GRADUATE, prom and just trying to maintain normality. is that even a word?

sorry i don't blog much.
that takes a lot of time. and i have none of that now.
i am no megan livingston who can write anything with witt and sarcasm.
nor am i melia clegg who is full of wonderful stories.
and i am no robyn fitts whose style is beyond beautiful.
and i most certainly am not like lexi hill who is absolutely lovely.
but, i am okay with that.
you will most certainly survive with this boring post.

i am just trying to keep my head above water.


Melia Clegg said...

you're seriously the best mardi. and trust me, i read your blog every day hoping you will post something! keep your head up and make it to graduation!

robyn.fitts said...

i <3 u babe.