i am me.

i have decided that i honestly don't care anymore.
things may come and go.
people may come and go.
situations may come and go.
but the only thing that won't come and go is myself.
i am who i am. take it or leave it.
and yes, i am pretty comfortable with myself.
i've overcome a lot of challenges, and i feel like i am still myself.
i have done a lot of stupid things, but the whole time, those stupid things were building me up and making me who i am today.
i'm not sure what my future holds, and frankly i am scared sometimes about it.
but, i have no doubt in my mind that each thing will happen for a reason.
the bad and the good all happen and i know that i can learn something from them.
i am still finding out who i truly am, and what i want, but i think that with every step forward that i take, that i have to remember who i am, where i come from, what i stand for and who i want to be.
because who i want to be comes in each decision i make.
and if i think that each decision i make won't effect me, then i am wrong.
i know i am rambling, but i think this post is more for myself.
i am me.
take it or leave it.
but if you think i will care what you think and will make me change myself, then you've come to the wrong girl.

i am trying to be happy.

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Taesha Cecil said...

ah, mardi! love your blog. love this post. love you! i seriously just found your blog, and went back like, 3 pages and read every post. ha. i love it!