maybe i'm old fashioned, but, when did love become such a common thing to just throw around?
when did it just happen to be thrust upon us as soon as we enter high school?
why does it comfort us yet destroy us in every aspect of life?
when was it fine to morph into someone else because you like them better than your own self?
when was it socially acceptable to idolize someone's every move, yet never talk to them in real life?
when did texting become our main communication?
and people became nothing?
really, when?

things in life can be so confusing and we can get mixed up in things we never thought we would.
sometimes, it's nice to take a step back and see how we are doing in life.
who we "love"
what we do.
what we say.
who we associate with.
what we think.
and to just get back to the real.
it's nice to be ourselves. it's real. it's comfortable. it's us.

i am so sick of people being less than what they are to fit in.
or even worse, change who they are because they idolize someone and want to do exactly the same thing as their idol.
i don't get it.
you are you. end of story.
your looking like a real idiot being someone else.
grow up.

okay sorry, i had to say that.
it had to be said.

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Hippie Grandma said...

i enjoy you and your opinion.
i share it with you.