sometimes we need to remember that we are all different people.
we all come different paths of life.
no two stories are the same.
each of us has been effected differently.
we can't never fully understand one another, so stop trying.
we are here for some reason, the journey is to figure out what it is.
live life to the fullest, we aren't here for too long.
love those who enter your life, they are there for a reason.
and above all, love where you are and who you are.
all will fall into place.

complaining doesn't do any good. i know this firsthand.
sometimes it's easier to sit and think of the things we know are going wrong than to see the good.
i am not saying i am the best at this.
but, i am trying.
and that's all that anyone can ask for.

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rue. said...

you give great advice.
is it weird that i read your posts when i need inspiration?
because i totally do.