My Sassy Style

Choosing a daily outfit for some is an easy thing, and for some it’s hard, but there are the few in between that it doesn’t matter either way. That is the way that I am. The only difference is that each one of my outfits is named. Some of my favorites are called; “I don’t care about the world”, but there is another version of this outfit, it’s called “I don’t care about the world but I have school spirit”. Some other ones are “Best of all worlds”, “I feel sporty” and “Saloon outfit”.

Classifying my ensembles is more than just thinking of some sassy thing to call an outfit or two, it’s a real thinking process. These clothes really make me feel like I own the world, because I obviously do. When I walk around in them I feel pretty good about it, because if I look like a fool, why should I care? Exactly.

My most favorite outfit that I wear is “I don’t care about the world”, because I really dress like I don’t. I think I wear it the most out of anything, not because I don’t care about the world in a way that I am depressed, but more than I don’t care what others may say about it.

Clothes can take make us feel all sorts of ways. They can take us back to feeling good and to better times in a way. Think of the 90’s. The clothes then were outrageous. I had one special outfit that was this horrendous aqua nasty color. It had a shirt and a little skirt, that wasn’t the worst, the worst part was the mustard (musTURD) socks I would wear with it with my little white shoes. This was my most favorite outfit when I was around the age of 7. I don’t really know why, because it honestly was the nastiest thing ever, but I remember feeling on top of the world in it, and nothing could stop me.

I think that we underestimate the power of clothing sometimes, because in all honesty it rules our lives so much. It can either make us feel on top of the world or like a total mess. Clothes really are fantastic.

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