have you ever experienced that rare moment in between sleep and actual life? it feels almost surreal. and almost as if it's not really happening. it is the weirdest thing ever. when i am in this state of mind, or whatever it is called, the weirdest things come to my mind. like today while doing homework i fell asleep in my bed, and i was trying to not sleep because i knew i needed to work on things, and all of a sudden something became so urgent in my mind. like i needed to get doing something right then and there. and let me tell you, it seemed real. like i really did. but i couldn't think of it. has this ever happened to you? no, if not. your missing out. because it's kinda way cool. oh and i love sleeping. today i took a 2 1/2 hour nap, all just because i can. and now i am wasting time. but i did get things done. i wrote my outrageous speech that i have to give in the student center tomorrow during lunch. come and listen. it's way grand.

and now on to a new subject. ahemm. there are few things that i really really miss dearly. usually once something is done and over with, i accept it and move on, USUALLY. now i am not saying i don't enjoy things and that things are not pleasant. but, right now, i am very very very much missing summer. even spring would suffice now. i am just so bloody tired of this freezing weather. it's horrid and has stayed it's long welcome. it's April right? yeah, "April showers bring May flowers", i don't care. at least make it sunny, warm rain. that's the best. PLEASE. warm up.

as you can see, this blog post is random, because i simply have much to say. one thing is about Welove Youpg. well, i don't think it's horrible like everyone else. i also don't condone it. it's whatever. it's there and we can all say we've read it. the thing that blows my mind is the people that get all angry about it and try to stop it, i'm really sorry, but it just is not going to help at all. and your just causing more drama. it's just one of those high school things. and it's funny if you can take it with a sense of humor. we need to do that with all things really. so, if it offends you, great, turn that frown upside down and think happy thoughts (i hope that doesn't sound mean, but, it's just my opinion) and i think it'd be cool to be on the blog, for good obviously.

anyways, pleasant grove is full of many wondrous things. just take the time to notice them. wow, this sounds so serious. PSYCH. gotcha. do whatever. right now, i am off to watch Madeline. just because i haven't seen it in ages and love classic 90's movies. stay good.

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