my girl

the girl who it is high time that i gave a shout out to is my all perfect and wonderful grandma. adrienne thomas. without here i have no idea how i'd be alive. she is my sturdy rock when things seem to be falling apart. she holds me in her warm arms and i could be perfectly content there the rest of my life. she is the best example of how to do everything and anything. she teaches me everything i need to know about life. she is wise beyond her years. she is the most beautiful woman you will ever see. not only because of outside looks but because of who she is on the inside. you can actually see the light of Christ shining in her beautiful eyes. she has the warmest personality, and always has something good to say about others. i know that i can tell her everything and anything and she will give the best advice of what to do. she comforts me when i am crying and holds me when i think things couldn't get any worse. i know that when i am with her that things will be okay. when i think about my grandma i think of the cutest little lady you've ever seen. she has a whitt and charm about her that makes me smile. i can't wait until when i get home everyday to see her. she is my best friends, and even though sometimes i don't act like that and i am rude, she still loves me, and that right there is what i love most about my best friend. i love her with all my heart. today, tomorrow and everyday. i honestly don't know what i'd do without her in my life. she is the greatest woman that i have ever known. i wish you were all as lucky to have a grandmother like her. i love her so entirely much.

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