ah crikey

just as things get to be perfect

don't fret your little heart out though,
i am determined to not let this determine my happiness
for i am still blissfully happy

tomorrow is going to be weird

i love love love blogging.
but sadly, i have not really had any time to think about something to write about that is funny and whitty in anyway. and lets be real here, that's the only reason we read blogs. not because we like the person. half the time we don't even really know the person, we just blog stalk them. so in order to have people actually like my blog, i can't be myself, i have to be funny. how sad. PSYCH. gotcha, i already am funny. i just need to put my words into a way that can make sense. i wish that as many people knew me read my blog, that'd basically be awesome. so, until next time, adieu.

p.s.-i like blog comments. they make me happy. also hand written letters.
k, c'ya

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