this evening...

i went on a lovely date.
and let me just say, it was one of the best i've been on.
thank you Samuel
you made my night.

this week has just been a good one.
and i am so grateful for weeks like this.
they make me so happy
and i just want to have more that are exactly like this.
but, it's still not over.

date tomorrow,
with Chandler.
i've loved him forever. but for the future sake of talking about this boy, let's just call him boy numero uno. because i will be talking more about him.
i promise you.

so i am excited for this.
and i will definitely blog about it after it occurs.
and it will be a good one.

speaking of boys, they confound me sometimes.
one day all into you and leading you on,
next...POOF, it's like you might as well be a rock.
oh well, life is just confusing when it comes to things like this.

BUT--it will not ruin my high
high of happiness.

okay, c'ya.

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