this is why we write;

We write to test things out.
To break silence to unknown thoughts.
To see if we can face things we've only ever thought about once.
We write to give words to our thoughts.
In hope that someday they will be remembered.
And we hope those thoughts will lead to actions.
So that one day we may say;
"I changed the world"
We write not for fame or glory.
But in pursuit of achieving our realistic dream to be heard.
But we also write to taste life.
With it's richness not limited.
It never wavers it's amount of impact on our minds.
It's flattery is unreal.
But all in all.
We write to find ourselves.
We dig deep trenches in ourselves with our words.
And in turn,
We begin our journey to help others find themselves through their words.
Hoping they will know who they are.
And this is why we write

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