random post

this is random because i am VERY hungry. i, in fact, have not eaten for 4 days now. 10 left.

i dream and crave food like crazy. i dream about Oreo's. and Subway sandwich's. Turkey. Roast. Potato's. Pasta. even vegetables and fruit. oh curse this. why must this be so hard? i will survive. i just wish it wasn't so hard.

today is Valentine's day. and i HAAAAAAAAAATE how everyone calls it "single awareness day". duh, you can be aware of that EVERY DAY. i know i am, doesn't make this day any more depressing than the rest (just in that certain area though) let the lovers have their fun and their day. it's okay. for the singles, we have cinco de mayo. it's okay. let it be. and love it. i personally don't care, to me, this is a Monday. in all it's glory, chill for a sec.

blogging has not entered my mind as of lately. many things have though. maybe my mom is getting married. new step daddy, yay!

my tummy is rumbling. crying for food in fact.

i'm pretty sure PG just had an earthquake. i felt the ground tremble numerous times. or maybe i am just senile. probably the latter.

i am really into indie music as of lately. any indie bands or type of music you would like to share with me? i would love to get to know if you do, and if you like country, then bug off. (psych melia)

i am going to run for student council this year. i am so so excited. i am running for Spirit. so, vote for me. if you don't, i will put a hex on you. not really, maybe

see how random this is? it's because i am getting delusional from not eating.

i love love love the following movies;
singin in the rain
wait until dark
sound of music
the devil wears prada
harry potter
the village
easy a
the pink panther
walk the line
sherlock holms
how to train your dragon

you get the jist of it all.

my family is on my nerves. a lot lately. but, if they are reading, I WAS JUST KIDDING. but i love you ;) no worries.

i am very sick of high school. really. like i walk around and look at people and wonder WHY they are they way they are. why am i the way i am. why are we here at this dump and will it really help me? probably not. high school is glorious minus being at high school and classes. i cannot wait for summer 2012. unless i am dead by then.

i hope i'm not.


caihay said...

4 days?!
eat some food child!

shaunie said...

listen to true affection by the blow. or parenthesis. the blow is an amazing band.