nearly a thought.

there comes a time where enough is enough.
and i've come to that point.
but oh, how i wish things were different.

the worst feeling in the world is that of not being loved anymore by those who we once depended on so much for love, and in turn, self acceptance. because we feel safe, wanted and like we belong around them, and without it, we feel worth nothing. how terrible this fact is.

but on a lighter note, wait, there is no lighter note.

i wish my words were so grand that people felt uplifted by them.
or they looked up to me.
or something grand.
but no, it is not like that.
but it's okay.
it was only a wish.

but, as a last thought for this day;
i think that in our misunderstanding of the way things work, we misunderstand how beautiful suffering can be, but i don't willingly sign up for it. but when it comes, we forget. we forget that God is in control and He has a way of making the most miserable thing look beautiful.

that's all.

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Rebecca Marie said...

Keep smiling friend :)
I still love you, and always will.

and... go eat something.