day twenty-two;

something that upsets me;
this topic is one that could bring up many discussions and things to be said. because in all honestly, many things upset me, but not like i am high strung and get upset easily. it's more like it bugs me. and i am going to change it to what bugs me. that seems more of a topic to chat about.

things that bug me:
1. when people chew with their mouth open; this is not a very lovely thing. it never seems to disappoint when you are with someone. especially with a person of the opposite sex. it is nasty and revolting. if i were you, i wouldn't do it. it will only make you seem like a slob. wow, that was harsh but very true.

2. when people leave the toilet seat up; oh just kill me now. this is the most heinous act any person could do. not really, it is just so so annoying. i rather dislike going into a bathroom and finding a bowl full of nasty water staring me down in the face. rather unpleasant.

3. when people have a loud whisper when it should be quiet; i have witnessed this many a time. i just want to turn around and slap them, but we both know that that's not socially acceptable or nice. so i would never do it. i just wish people would have the decency to refrain from doing that.

4. when people set their facebook status to a "woe me" sorta thing; now, i know that we all do this one time or another, even i do. but not excessively. and it's usually not even dramatic. but some girls (and boys) just don't know where to stop. their status's are usually from sort of song and they usually end with a sad face. E'RY DAY! not cool

5. when people start rumors; i've never personally had a rumor start about me. but i know i would hate it. and i've seen people's faces when they hear about it. they look like a sad child that Santa forgot to visit on Christmas. and it's just not nice. so hence, it's annoying when people decided to start them.

i am honestly all out of thing to write about.
i have MANY things that annoy me, i am just too lazy to sate them all.
it'd take forever.
oh well. let it be.

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