day two;

this post is for me to talk about my first love. but honestly, thats too mushy and lovey for my interest. well, to talk about the men in my life would take eons and eons. not because i have to many, but because i am basically a stalker and find out everything about them (that was a joke) so i was thinking, maybe a love doesn't have to be a person. maybe it can be something i am passionate about. so that got me thinking, because i am so passionate about many things. so as my left brain takes control, i decided to make a list of things i know i love. (in some twisted way, lets pretend i am talking about my very first love, which by the way was Justin Clark)

numero one: canned corn. oh heavens to betsy. i love this stuff more than words can possess. it is my essence of life. if i was trapped on some stranded island only being able to wear leaves as clothing and have seals constantly attack me, and i had an unlimited supply of canned corn, i'd be set. nothing would bug me. chill. i love it. (p.s- my birthday is in less than a month, february 2nd to be exact, i will gladly accept any canned corn. thank you)

numero two: nintendo 64. ever since i received this gaming system, i can't take my eyes off of it. it's so glorious and lovely. i could spend hours playing super smash bro's. or zelda (not really) i'm more of a mario game kind of person. sometimes i just sit and caress my nintendo 64, just so i can feel whole. "my games are the only things that accept me." nerd status. but no really, i will battle anyone, anytime, any where. go!

numero three: reading. oh dear hosanna. this is my passion. ever since my eyes could read words, i have been obsessed. maybe reading is nerdy, but do i care? nooope. i love it. i could read all day. i am currently in the process of reading many books, but one i hope to finish soon is War and Peace by Tolstoy. adventure. reading gives me breath, and life, and everything in between. right on.

numero four: texting. now, this could be a dangerous one to admit my dying love for. possibly could get me killed. not really. just needed some suspense there. but i do admit, i have a problem. maybe 20,000 texts a month is bad? yeah. i think so. but who cares, i can blame it on my raging teenage hormones. i love texting. and no, i am not one of those socially weirdo peoples who can't say it out loud. everything i say texting i can most certainly say out loud. duuur. but texting is indeed grand. maybe i could have a world record with it. lets see. someone should text me now.

numero five: snuggie's. i could so do an ad for them. i happen to have one. and it is leopard print. i happen to wear it when i sit in my rocking chair and watch me a good show of Sister Wives. it keeps me warm, while hands free. best of both worlds. who ever made it is both a freak, and a genius. thank you.

(lastly) numero sixxxx: piano. my piano, named mr, chaaaaang. because the brand is Young Chang, is so hot. i love it. i can stroke it's keys all day and feel content. yes, i will tickle the ivory's. i play mostly classical. Julliard is my dream. let's see if i get there. that'd be chill. but no really. i can sit down with so many problems on my mind, but i focus on my music that they all seem to go away or at least fade away. it's magic. yeah, i will play for you anytime you ask.

so, there are my first loves. sure, it's lame. but, for the sake of this post, i will talk about my first love. even though i know people who read this know the kid. oh well. the past is in the past, thankfully. my very first serious love was Justin Clark. oh baby. i wanted him so bad, but not in a gross kind of way. we went to this mormon school together and were the best of friends, but secretly i loved him so much. that's the way these stories always work. girl loves guy, guy doesn't know, girl wants more, guy likes just the friendship. blah blah blah blah. i was okay with it until one fateful day, he messaged me on instant messenger telling me he loved my very best best friend and was asking me how to ask her to be his valentine. right then and there my heart broke into a billion pieces. how could i turn my best guy friend down? so i gave him the needed advice. now, my best best friend didn't like him until she found out he liked her. so typical. and then and there, my already shattered heart fell into my butt. i was so pissed. and sad. and hurt. but whatev, long story short. i loved him. nothing happened. fell for my best friend. i switched schools. awesome.

isn't blogging fun? i can share all these details. nice.

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