day one;

should i even dare to introduce myself? i think i shall. hello there, the name's mardi. full name mardi nicole thomas. i was born to michael dan thomas jr and tara barton, but later was adopted by my lovely grandparents, michael dan thomas sr and adrienne alder thomas. they are the best of folks. i love my friends more than anything really. just look at how well we get along. magic.

i love in the lovely city of PLEASANT GROVE. and i love it with all my heart. i've lived here since day one, and basically plan to keep it that way, that is, until i turn 18. which then i will move off and on to college. to major in music and minor in psychology. or maybe english. that'd be the best.

i love music with all my heart. i love me some indie music. or as you may hear it be called, coffeehouse music. it's calm, not stupid like rap. no country at all. indie is the way to go all the time. i love it. one of my favorite bands that i've personally met and hung out with is SafetySuit, and let me tell you, they are hotties. and i love them. but when it comes to me and my piano, it's classical all the way. i could sit and play for hours. i've been playing for almost 12 years now. and hope to one day be famous. not really, but i wouldn't complain if it happened.

my all time favorite movie in this whole entire world is Singing In The Rain. if you've never watched it, i highly suggest that you do. it's simply amazing. i will gladly watch it with anyone who wants to watch it.

i love to read. i could sit at home all day and read and not worry about anything. my favorite books are; To Kill a Mockingbird, A Child Called "It", Crank, Glass, Impulse, Harry Potter Series, The Book Thief, Of Mice and Men, When The Bow Breaks, and The Giver. indeed, reading is my thing. and i love it.

i'm blessed with a big family thats loud and crazy. we are all basically loud. every day with them is an adventure beyond belief. i am constantly laughing and trying not to pee my pants. through out all time, we've been close and every time we are together it's an adventure.

but basically, i love life. the people in it make my happy. i love being myself. i don't like to conform. that's lame. but this is me. like it or not. the way things are, are just grand.

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melia said...

read the curious incident of the dog in the night time. its amazing.