day three;

Oh parents. What parents?

I thank my lucky stars every day for the two people I call GRANDMA AND GRANDPA.

My grandmother. Very smart and practical yet at times is very impractical. Judging, in a good kind and loving way. Intuitive and motherly. Has the warmest hugs and always a compliment. Cries too much, but hey, she's a 70 year old lady. Let her do as she pleases. Cooks like a professional and has s wonderful sense of humor. Very understanding. Firm yet lenient and loving through it all. Loves the gospel with all her heart, you can see it in her eyes. I love my grandmother more than I could ever say.

My grandfather. Probably the sweetest and cutest old man you will ever lay eyes on. We get along so well. He is so understanding and listens to me when I vent and cry. He loves the outdoors and thanks God every day for the wonderful place we live. He loves our dog Mace more than me, but that's okay :) he had gone through a lot and I admire his perseverance and testimony in the gospel. I could talk to him all day, he has the best stories. I love my grandfather more than I could ever say.

As for my parents. Thank you for giving me life, so I could live with these old folks. I wouldn't change that for the world.

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