day four;

Well. This is just a perfect question for which my answer is, nothing.

No I am not trying anorexia. I got my lovely wisdom teeth out today. And hurt a lot. So hence, I have not eaten.

My moth feels like it's 5,000 tines bigger. And my mouth is still numb. If you were to slap me, I wouldn't feel a thing. So this is the lovliest weekend.

I love visits. So come. Hahaha I am so kidding. Or text me. We'd have the best chats.

But also to answer this question in a different way, if I were to eat anything right now it would be, canned corn, tacos tacos tacos from taco heaven taco dell, dino chicken nuggets, turkey, mashed potatos, cheese ommelet. Wow, I sound like a pig. Probably not all at the same time. I think I am just hungry.

Oh whatever.

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