day thirteen;

this week:
well, considering it has just started, i will share about this week (since last tuesday)


i'm serious.
well, okay, here is really goes.

-i hung out with hot man Tom, found out he has a girlfriend, in high school, he's 23! it'd be okay if it were me though, just sayin'
-slept in every single class for at least 5 minutes, some the whole time
-new classes started, oh joy
-happy i don't have to take french anymore
-made a movie for Digital Media
-got some new tunes
-my phone became POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL!
-it erased all my contacts
-then put them back on
-read some Stephen King
-watched Salt again
-slept 2 hours every night
-worked out while watching The Bachelor
-tried thinking of whitty things to blog about
-had a dream that i was a sorcerer
-the end

not going to lie, this has been a boring week.
i hope this next week is better (starting Wednesday? yeahuhhh)

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