day fourteen;

this day to me seems pointless. because of many reasons; one, what if i live in a nudest colony and don't wear any clothes? exactly. second, most of you saw me today, you know what i am wearing. third, it doesn't make for a long post. it's just a few simple explanations. nevertheless, i will humor you with my outfit (or disaster) of choice.

also to make it a tad more interesting i will go through my mental process for the reasons why i picked this outfit. huzzah!

today i am wearing:
-pink socks
-cowboy boots
-stripped shirt, tan and black
-dark gray jacket thing
-juicy couture perfume
-and of course, the essential things that girls must wear in order to be socially acceptable

now for the explanation:
-jeans: well, i don't want to wear shorts, too cold, and i worse sweats yesterday. plus, they were the first thing i could find after i woke up late.
-pink socks: because i wear socks, and they are pink. no explanation.
-cowboy boots: now, i usually only wear this with my "best of all worlds" outfit, but my Toms we're no where to be found, and the rest of my shoes looked fine where they were. and, i like them.
-stripped shirt: i havent worn this shirt since i went to visit my dad, but i figured it was high time to, because my friends tell me i need to wear more of what i have, because i don't wear half of it.
-dark gray jacket thing: it's kinda cool, and very comfortable, while keeping me warm out there in the chilly world.
-juicy couture perfume: because, quite honestly, it smells good.
-things i must wear: no comment or explanation.

hope that'll do.
the end.

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