day fifteen;

oh this little beaut is about dreams. and seriously, this one could be forever long, because honestly, i have the weirdest and strangest dreams. some i cannot share due to embarrassment on other people's part, and you would just think i am a freaking psycho. but i will indeed share a few, just so you can get a little taste of my nightly viewings.

i once had a dream about the show "Sister Sister" you know, that one with those twin girls who are separated at birth and one gets adopted by a lady, and the other by a dude, and they find each other, yada yada yada, long story short, the twins want to be sisters together, so their parent's are like, ah, fine. so they all move in and become one big family, sorta. the mom and dad are NOT married, nor do they love each other, they just move in for the girls. anyway, yes THAT show. i had this dream that the mom went out on a power walk with this big fat purse that some people put little dogs in, anyways, she was power walking past a mailbox and the bag flew and hit this mail box and it totally like blew up and fell apart, and she just stopped and looked in horror, and kept walking. when she got home she sat down and felt all guilty because it was not her mailbox, so the dad was like trying to seduce her into buying another mailbox. the end. psycho, i told you.

i once had this dream that i became a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. i think i had this dream because at the time i was reading the book The Crucible. yeah, and i could cast dark black magic spells on people. so basically i was all powerful. the end.

i once had a dream that my YWL (young women leader) was from India. she obviously is NOT. she is white like the winter snow. anywho, she was from India, and she was telling me that i should be too. which again, i obviously just can't change my race, it's not like a pair of pants, you can change those. no, i am stuck NOT being from India. so while trying to convince me, she starts to belly dance for me. like, it was so creepin weird. i wanted to wake up so bad. and she was singing all sorts of Indian songs and had that weird red dot that they have on their heads. and yeah, it was psycho.

these are not the worst OR weirdest of my dreams. i simply just choose not to share them. because they are either about someone, or no bueno. one day i will share.

*from this little post, do not in anyway think i have some creepy nasty dreams. it's not like that.

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