day seven;

this says to talk about my best friend. but in all honesty, i don't have just one specific best friend. each one of these people are my best friend, and i love them more than anything.

first off...

this is the girl: alexis
she has been my friend for the longest time. she is probably the person who knows the most about me. and she takes it all, and really is chill about it all. she is probably the most gorgeous girl i've ever met, not only outside but inside, cheesy, but true. she is the kindest person you will ever meet and yet the sassiest person you'll meet, in a good way. she is such a good example to me and i know i can always count on her for anything. i love her and know that i can tell her anything. plus, we have the best adventures. i love you alexis

this is the boy: zach
just from the look of this young chap, you can tell that he is a keeper. this young man is one of the funniest people i know. he is super smart and good at math, he let's me "look" at his papers all the time. he has the best sense of humor and is a real gem. plus,he is Canadian. i love you zach

this is the girl: kim
what a lovely young lady. she is the best listener and always knows the exact right thing to say, every time i am with her i just feel good about it, she is so kind to everyone. i've never heard her say a honest rude word about anyone. she is gorgeous too. she is super smart and i trust her with my life. she can hunt and kill animals, which is cool. i love you kim

this is the girl: kellee
now, this girl is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. she has this persona about her that is so kind and loving. you always want to be with her. she is so smart and funny. whenever i am with her i laugh so hard because things are like 10 times more funnier. she is a saint and a lovely young girl. i love you kellee.

this is the girl: kacey
i've known this beast for years now. and i can honestly say, we have never ever had a fight. we are always constantly laughing and joking around. we've had some of the best times. she seems to always be cracking a joke or doing something crazy. i seriously love being with her so much. plus, she is like a total hottie. and is psycho too. i love you kacey

this is the girl: kaci
this wench is the kindest of souls. we've had many adventures together and done some pretty funny stuff. i love being with her. she has a crazy side, and a tame side. but she is mostly crazy all the time. i love love love being with her, she is a real lovely girl. and she is easy on the eyes to say the least, ha. i love you kaci.

this is the boy: jared
this macho manly man is the best thing that has ever happened to me, not really, but he is so cool. i crack up with him whenever i am with him. he is an adventurous young chap as you can clearly see from the above photo. he is so full of talent and is so humble about it. he is so fun to be with. i love you jared.

this is the MAN: scottie the hottie
now, this may sound super super SUPER creepy. but this is a man in my ward. and i basically stalk him. because in all honesty, he is a hottie. i've named my car after him "naughty scottie" he is such a hot man. now, i cant go on for too long about this god of a man, because i don't want to sound like a creep. he is the apple of my eye. let's pretend that woman (his WIFE) is me. i looooooooooove you naughty scottie.

(the above was a joke, maybe?)

anywho, the jist of this post is to show how great my friends are.
they are probably the best people in this world.
yes, there are obviously more people i love and know, but these ones are numero one.
i can't thank them enough for how great they are with putting up with me.
the are the best and don't know what i'd do without them.
i love you guys.


melia said...

naughty scottie does look like a hottie

kellee jo said...

HA mardi i adore youuu.