day eight;

a moment is to be shared here. but i can't think of one specific thing. my friends and i do way too many crazy things. just to pick one would be a crime. so i will share a few, just so you can get a jist of the way things roll in my life and my many adventures.

-the time we went on a "grand adventure" and indeed it was grand. we went on a glorious bike ride. made our own pick nick. walked through a jungled woodland forest. took a hike up to the BK and took some rad pictures.

-the time we toilet-papered my own car and my grandma got mad. "you dummy kids"

-the time our friend spencer almost died by falling off the back of a car, while jared was driving. woops.

-the time evan diana and i went to BK and something fishy was in the air and my eyes basically blew up.

-the time we kidnapped alexis for her birthday. we tied her up with ropes and such. put blankets on her so she cant see. then tried to carry her down the stairs, but we actually just accidentally dropped her down the stairs on her head and ripped out her hair.

-colonel sanders

-the time we went to Einstein Bagels and ate a whole bucket full and paid in all change.

-the times kellee and i would get yelled at by our devil skaaaank math teacher when we interrupted her flirting with boys.

-the time (now) that i'm on Lortab and am half crazy and full of weirdness, even more than usual.

-the time i was in NYC and there was a pipe explosion right outside my hotel. and i thought it was the next 911. i peed my pants.

-every time i laugh too hard i pee my self and cry

-the time i fell out of a moving car and my leg got stuck and i passed out for a quick sec.

there are so many more.
i am just having a major brain fart and can't think of any.
oh wait, wait. i got one,
the time (more like TODAY) when kelsey waters and i talk about lunch boxes and find this awesome web site that has some cool HP ones. and Vegas ones. as well as Beatles and those blasted stupid Twilight gay sauce ones.

i am a tad bit boring.
and i wish i was a thug.
"thug daddy"

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