day six;

i will describe every bit of my day to you. and really, this post will be as boring as...as mud. thats alls i've gots to say.

i tossed and turned all night, so...

3:28 a.m- i was awakened by my coughing. i woke up in a panic, and felt like i was drowning. apparently i was so loud, i woke my family up. next thing i know, my grandpa is sitting on my bed asking if i was okay and if i needed anything. how cute. i didn't, so i just went back to sleep.
8:30 a.m- woke up in pain, went upstairs to take a Lortab. fell back asleep
10:00 a.m- woke up for good. ate some apple sauce, wished i could eat anything not mushy. stupid wisdom teeth. you curse me.
11:00 a.m- started watching tv, because Lortab makes me so tired, it's all i could do. watched "My Strange Addiction", "Cake Boss", "Fantasy Factory", and "House". it was a good morning.
1:15 p.m- made me some eggs, wishing it was anything else.
2:00 p.m- sat and stared at the wall for a good 20 minutes.
2:20 p.m- played the piano, it's been far too long. had to practice my scales and Chopin and Grieg.
3:30 p.m- fell asleep trying to clean my room
4:30 p.m- ordered prints off WalMart dot com. went to pick them up.
5:00 p.m- went out to dinner with the fam. hard to eat, but i was starving, so i made it work.
6:00 p.m- started watched "Salt". actually a really good movie. i enjoyed it lots.
8:30 p.m- mouth started to hurt, so i put ice on it while watching "The Carol Burnett Show"
8:45 p.m- decided to blog.
(future plans) 9:30 p.m- i'm dying of tired-ness. so i will probably fall into a deep coma.

not really much of a day, but hey, thanks MLK for letting us have a day off, even if you were a condescending, manipulative liar. but hey, thats just my opinion. grand.

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melia said...

"stared at the wall for a good twenty minutes" you crack me up.