this holiday season

as i reflect and ponder on this holiday season, i can't help but think of the wonderful things that i have in my life. my wonderful family. my awesome friends. my schooling (even though it can really not be cool at times) and where i live, because honestly without living here, my life would be so different.

as i also think about this holiday season i find it sad that it is now that we mostly give thanks for what we have and make amends with people to "start out with a good new year". and i am guilty of it, i can't even pretend like i'm not. but i've decided that this new 2011 year that things will be very different. i will be different. the way i think will be different. the way i act will be different. i will all over be different.

i've really come to think of this because this year has been a hard one. so many things have happened that i would have been perfectly fine without them happening again. but i also wouldn't take them back. because i learned so much and feel like it's made me who i am today. i'm not saying that who i am now will who i will be forever, because as humans, we are always changing. changing with the times, and with human events, and as our personal world changes, so do we. but the point of this rant is that i think we should live each day as if it's the very first day of the new year.

and along with the boring rant, i wish each of you all a very very...


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