a blog post to end all blog posts

that title was so a lie. but i thought i'd give it a try.
lately blogging has not been the main thing on my mind. obviously.
because, lots goes on that i can't blog about.
either because, it's stupid.
or personal.
or too long.
or just too funny and no one but me will get it.

whatever. i'm just going to write until i feel like i don't have anymore to say.

so this past week i've gotten a few new blog followers, and to you i say; thank you.
it means alot. i hope i don't disappoint. if i do then, dang.

i chipped my tooth today. a tooth in the front. and i feel so weird. and i hate it.
there is an obvious difference. and it feels so weird.
i was eating a candy cane when it broke so i thought i was chewing a candy cane,
but there was something extra hard in the candy.
it was my tooth.
i was chewing it up. that is so nasty.
and now it feels so weird.
i will go to the dentist tomorrow. i better. doctor harding (danny harding's dad) best be fixing up my tooth. i need it.

so this blog post is just nothing. it's just a ramble.
and i am eternally sorry. i have nothing to say.
maybe i will just stop. yeaaah. i will.

next blog will be better. so much.
i can promise you that.


Alexis Shea said...

Good luck at the dentist! haha, I also have to pay mine a visit soon. Worst place ever!

Amberlie said...
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