There comes a point in life that you honestly sit back and think "SERIOUSLY??!"
You look at past choices and past experiences, some being awesome and some legit insane.
Some make a good story and some are straight up embarrassing.
Life is life though.
If we make mistakes, it's just how our lives go.
Don't base our whole scheme of life off of our mistakes. If we do that then we will constantly be stuck trying to be okay, and in reality, trying to be "okay" doesn't do anything but make us unhappy. Happiness just simply comes with deciding to be happy and to let life throw it's punches at you.
We didn't come down here to this life knowing that we would get each and every single day to be a perfect day. We can have tons of amazing and happy days, but bad things happen, but it's our perspective and how we decide to deal with it that makes us happy and feel at peace.

But hey, this is just MY point of view. What's yours?