GIANT step back.

I am currently at this point in life where I need to take a giant step back from everything and everyone. If I don't, then I think I will explode.
I am just in a place right now that isn't okay, and if I keep on this path, then I won't be okay and I may not stay here.
This point in life is just an all time low. I thought I had already hit it before. NOPE.
And who knows, maybe I'll hit other ones later on in life (and I really hope I don't) but this one right now is the most painful thing. It's really not okay.
Each day is a struggle. 

So, here is me saying that I'll still be around. I just need to let go of all social media. And while some people thing social media is stupid, my generation has grown up with it, it means a lot. So letting go of it is hard, yeah grandma, it is. So goodbye Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Blogger. I'll definitely see you again soon. I just need to focus on myself and getting better and not on what to post each day.

I love you all. Have an amazing day.