some days

Some days feel like absolute shit. While other days feel like blessings are always heading our way.
I wish sometimes that there would be a beautiful little spot in between. But when I think about it more, that spot would be dang boring. 
The hard stuff that comes into our lives always seem to work themselves out. They teach us how to be more coursgeous & strong. But of course, right in the moment, we don't feel that. Taking a step back can help. 
The good stuff in life is awesome. I'm so not ungrateful. But if life continually hands you whatever you want, day after day, when one small trial comes your way, you'll feel as if the world is ending. And that wouldn't feel awesome. 
So it may seem like the middle ground would be the best spot for us, but it's not. 
Having good & bad days are what makes us strong. Taking our blessings to make the pain go away is amazing. Taking the trials to help us humility our happiness is also amazing. 
It's just easier finding hope in the continual happiness, but even the hard shit gives us hope along the way. 
Writing these words down is easier said than done. It's okay to sit here and type how I feel. But truly believing it is harder. Oh man. Some days I just wish that I could be continually happy. 
This post doesn't even make sense. I guess it's just me saying that I feel sad. This thing called life is hard. But I'm trying. I really am.