i'm really not good with my words sometimes.
and sometimes i feel like my words make me crumble down when i need them to help me up the most.
i don't really feel like i have anything wonderful to say.
or even anything worthy of posting.
i don't really know why i am writing.
maybe it's to get validation from someone that it really will be okay or that i actually am not falling apart.
either way, i shouldn't make it your business or even talk about how i feel so inadequate or worthless sometimes.
today is just a bad day.
tomorrow will be better and life will go back to it's same boring rituals.
but for tonight, i'm stuck in a place that i would rather not be.


Natalie M said...

Sure love you Mardi.
You truly are magnificent.
Call me soon, babe.
I'm missing ya.

Kimberly Le said...

you are great mardi.
keep your head up <3