vlog 5

(this one really is lame)


Anonymous said...

Your vlogs make my day! Even if you think they're lame, they totes aren't!
Here's some questions for ya!
-Weirdest thing you've ever done?
-#1 dream/#1 on your bucket list?
-What do you miss from high school?
-What do you not miss from high school?
-What are you gonna major in?
Thanks Mardi!!:)

miss mandi said...


Melia Clegg said...

i truly look forward to vlog wednesday. thanks for the laugh!

ruthie.von said...

OK, i think you're funny and I think I love you.
These vlogs are so great.

Heres's a question, when and why did you start blogging?
what is your opinion on the blog world and other bloggers?
What has your over all experiencebeen like as a blogger?
What has been your worst experience, and your best experience as a blogger?

Anonymous said...

Where is Kolob?

chloe rickenbach said...

i'm still banned. i have one more year left. hahahaha dying mardi. i love you. pretty much adore ya.