watch this crap and love it.


Nina Carpenter said...

"whore of the village" hahaha mardi you are my hero. Hey, in your next Vlog talk about how you've changed as a person over the years. That would be interesting just cause I haven't seen you in FOREVS!

ruthie.von said...

Haha I laughed. That whore of the village thing just about killed me, along with the human infection comment haha.
I just think you're funny.
I'll watch your blogs even if you've got nothing to talk about.

miss mandi said...

mardayyyyyy- dude love it.
vlog about me.
that'd be fun.

love you, love you.

Batash said...


Anonymous said...

Uhh can we hear your first kiss story? How bout the funnies thing that has ever happened to you?
Thanks for you and your blog. You always brighten my day and make me laugh:)

chloe rickenbach said...

hahahah "whore of the village."