for a day.

for a day when my heart feels heavy and my worries come in waves of uncontrollable stress, i listen to this song.  

i look for the good things in life and i hope for the best to come around soon.
i realize that i in fact do have a wonderful life. i wouldn't give it up for anything.
i love who i am and where i am at in life.
but my days seem heavy and dark and i feel as if things are never going to be okay.
i pray lots and read a good book or two.
i sit in the company of people who make me feel loved.
and i just sit and enjoy what i can.

everything has a time and a season.
this season may not be my finest, but i will make it the best that i can.
there are those out there who have it worse than i do.
time to go out and help.
no more self pity.

this is my survival to a day like this.


Sierra said...

favorite song of all time.

Morgan said...

things get better, baby girl.