does this make me bad?

growing up and becoming an adult and being able to make my own choices has been great.
i do the right things and i feel confident with my choices.
but a girl can dream right?

i think that your body is a 'temple' in some sorts. it is a great gift given to you.
which, don't get me wrong, is awesome.
the church says to not get tattoos. yes, we all know this.
but some tattoos are freaking cool.
i have always wanted one. but of course, i would never.
my pinterest board will be full of pictures of them, but not on my body.

these are totally rad. i love them.
i will forever dream of them. but, i know better.


Anonymous said...

i've always wanted a tattoo, one of my biggest temptations. no worries.

Morgan said...

I'm dying at that cat one.