uh awkard.

i was recently asked if i liked men.
awkward question much? this person asked me this i guess because i don't spend all my time chasing after men or talking about past loves and love gone wrong.
i won't really apologize for this.
news flash, i'm not a lesbian. i love men. i love them a lot.

i, unlike the average teenage girl, doesn't spend most of my time obsessing with one person and hating myself if i can't get him.
i am having fun. and not being dependent on anyone to feel good about myself is the best feeling ever.
yeah, i don't come on this blog to write about the lovey things in my life. because i think that love can honestly quite suck.
i haven't found it yet. i'm only 18. i'm pretty sure that is normal.
i don't feel like i have to talk about things like that here, because to me it is too overdone, dramatic and at times annoying.

i come here to write the things that i want.
i'm not into fashion.
i am certainly not crafty in any way.
i don't search pinterest in ways to make my life easier or better.
i don't like shopping.
i don't have a boyfriend.
but i do have a cat.
i have sarcasm.
i have a daily picture or video.
i have real honest stories.
i have inappropriate one-liners.
and i have exactly what i want to write about.

i won't say sorry. because this is a place that i come to write.
sure, i would love people to comment and give me some validation that what i write is being read and thought about. but do i need it? nah.

so come here to read awkward stories.
watch funny videos.
maybe read about how annoying my life is.
but one thing, don't come here to compare my blog to others. because it isn't like others.
this is PRIME stuff you're getting here folks.
it is rare and awesome at times.

once you're done reading cute things of love and such, come here i suppose.
or not.
i honestly don't care.

cheers to another boring post that doesn't matter to anyone but me.
here is a picture of a cat.


Anonymous said...

mardi i love you.

Maddie Violet said...

Haha, why would someone ask that? wow. Anyway, don't worry, I am not crafty in the slightest and I hate pinterest. 18 is young. you've got buckets of time.

miss mandi said...

you be the best.

also. award. for you.
check it out at my place.

Natalie said...

Loving this Mardi!! :)