here is to you.

this past week or so i have felt overwhelmingly annoyed and just not really myself. i find that i get annoyed and upset and the smallest things and take it out on the people around me who are just trying to help.
i've wanted to blog for a while but can't think of anything funny or awesome to say.
so, here i sit, still thinking. and nothing comes to my brain.
i often wish i was an amazing writer, and everyone would love to read what i said.
because lets be real here, everyone loves to feel needed and appreciated.

i guess that is what my beef is about.
i came down here to school not really knowing anyone. i knew i few people but my best friends are at home. and i miss them more than anything. i act like i am having the time of my life, and don't get me wrong...i am, but i miss being with them.
i have met some of the most incredible people ever down here. and i owe a lot to them.
one in particular, Turner Richards.
this boy has been there for me through it all. sure, i've only known him for like 3 months, but i feel as if i have known him for my whole entire life.
he is the ultimate example to me of what courage is. he deals with a lot of crap and yet is the most positive, funny person i know.
turner keeps me laughing even when i feel as if i just want to give up.
we have late night chats and he always knows what to say to make me feel better.
i honestly have no idea what i would do without him, his sass, his cooking, his humor, his style, his music, his laugh or his kindness.
here is to you turner.
i love you.
 we will always be friends. 
thank you for not giving up on me.

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