random thoughts.

my gurl Hailey did an awesome job. i love it.
isn't she the best?? yes she is.
this blog is looking hot.

i vow to blog more often (not that anyone really cares)
but i am going to try a lot harder.

so, college is great.
it honestly is a party and a half.
i really do love it.
it was hard and first and i felt so alone and just depressed. but i made myself some really good friends and now i am loving things.
i do miss things back home and my other friends. but, life is changing. we are all changing. we are okay. and i've come to accept that.

anyways dear blog readers.
it is a lovely cold cloudy day.
i have good friends.
i actually had some good food today (college probs?)
and i am happy.

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miss mandi said...

i love you.