amanda todd?

in case any of you are unaware of who she is, she is a younger girl who recently killed herself.
many blame her and say that she got what was coming because she, unwisely, flashed her boobs on a webcam.
people came after her and threatened her and then sent the picture out. it is everywhere.
she was bullied.
had depression.
self harm.
and on October 10th she killed herself.

a lot of people have their different opinions about her and why she did what she did.
some say that it wasn't her fault. some say it was.
i think that it is 50/50. she made that horrible decision to do what she did.
she however wasn't responsible for how horrible people treated her after.

suicide is never the answer.
it may seem like the only way out but there is always hope out there.
everyday we need to try our best to help people out. we may not know what kind of inner demons they are facing.
be a kind helping hand.
and don't be the one that makes a person feel like their life is worthless.

TWLOHA. to write love on her arms.
check them out. they are awesome.
they provide support and love for those in need of it.
i support TWLOHA. always will.

remember that life is precious and that all things have a time and place and to not give up hope when the world seems so dark and mean. there is always something better waiting for you and the real courage comes in fighting through it.

take time to love those around you.


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