we are given two choices when it comes to life:
1. suck it up and deal with it and put on your big kid panties.
2. let it ruin your life

option 1 please.
sometimes it is hard to deal with all the annoying stuff and sometimes, yeah, it does change how we think and feel. and sometimes it is just downright awful and it does make us feel sad and upset and annoyed. i get this way too.

but the best thing to do is just put it aside. look forward to the future and try our best to be happy. and soon we will find that we are happy.
worked for me.

never let a situation get the better of you.
this is my goal. i know this is what i really need to work on.
join me? yes.
and if not, i will just vent here and you will have to deal with it. i would also deal with your venting if needed.
it's what friends do.

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hannah schill said...

thanks baby girl:)
im trying